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Brenda Hommerding

West Central Representative

Brenda has recently joined the West Central DHHS Advisory Board.  Even though she lives in Rice, MN with her husband, Lynn, she has served on the Central MN DHHS board in the past for 10 years.  She feels the experience of living and connecting with so many in Greater Minnesota will allow her to support the West Central region too. Brenda has worked with Minnesota Hands & Voices since 2006, Since 2018, Brenda has served as the Guide By Your Side Manager.  Brenda’s professional experience includes working with families to help them on their journey with their children who have been identified with a hearing difference.  Brenda also works with numerous professionals across the state and the United States to help better systems, bring awareness of hearing issues, and to strongly advocate for all who are deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind. Brenda strives to be a strong leader and continues to work with all of MNHV’s staff to be stronger leaders in their respective regions.

Brenda’s personal experience includes growing up and living with deaf grandparents; being exposed to the deaf community; finding out that she herself is hard of hearing at the age of 16; has used a variety of communication and technology options; raised twin girls, both with different levels of hearing; and now has two grandsons who are deaf.  Brenda has been a part of 4 different generations of deafness and hearing levels which have all posed their challenges.  By surviving the challenges through each generation her passion is to help other families advocate and be prepared for any situation that arises.

“I am thrilled to serve on the MNCDHH board which will allow me to bring issues from families across the state to the forefront and to help advocate so everyone has equal access to language regardless of their communication and/or technology choices.” – Brenda Hommerding

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