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Aaron Peterson

Upper Northwest Representative

Aaron is 43 and is deaf. He was born and raised in Warren, MN. Currently, Aaron owns and operates an aerial application business (crop dusting). His work has an important role in agriculture, protecting soil and crops. He has been a commercial truck driver in the past. He is married with three children; one is deaf, one is hard of hearing, and one is hearing. Aaron's wife is also hearing. In Warren, Aaron attended public schools and had a fantastic experience with accessibility services! His speech teacher and DHH teacher were outstanding! His interpreter from 6th grade to 12th grade was amazing and was involved in everything in the community. Aaron's children attend the school school that he did and Aaron has noticed there is increased competition for accessibility services. This has inspired Aaron to become more involved with the Commission and try to bring more accessibility to Greater Minnesota. 

"I believe that the model of accessibility services can and will continue to evolve and improve vastly with the technology we have at our disposal, but at some point, nothing beats old fashioned in person services for some specific settings. Very excited to see what can happen in the near future!" ~ Aaron Peterson

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