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Goal 3: Recognize Age-Related Hearing Loss as a Public Health Issue

From 2014 to 2019, together we:

Created a task force of agencies and councils that address aging to guide us and build allies and support throughout Minnesota. 

How did we do this? We:

  • Created a task force that met from 2014-2015. The task force made recommendations and MNCDHH followed. A new task force began meeting in 2018. The task force members include state and national researchers and representatives from academics, the insurance industry, care provider association, the Minnesota Medical Association, consumer advocacy organizations, the state Board on Aging, and the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Added age-related hearing loss data collection to the data the Department of Public Health collects for health outcomes. 
  • Conducted research on the utilization of hearing aids and hearing screening for state employees. 

Ensured access to affordable, high-quality assistive listening devices, including hearing aids and the training needed to use them.

How did we do this? We:

  • Developed and promoted hearing screening recommendations for clinics with the University Medical School, consumers, and the Minnesota Department of Health. 
  • Advocated for hearing aid insurance coverage for adults during the 2019 legislative session;  requested a cost-benefit analysis in 2019 from the Minnesota Department of Commerce. 
  • Passed legislation that requires all state-funded meeting rooms to follow acoustic standards and to budget for assistive listening devices.
  • Created guidelines on good acoustics and loops with Loop Minnesota, which is posted on MNCDHH's website and intended for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to distribute to builders and anyone else who needs them. 

Developed a communication plan for hearing loss and healthy aging for aging Minnesotans, family members, health care providers, and policymakers.

How did we do this? We:

  • Developed the award-winning documentary “Hearing Loss Matters" with TPT Twin Cities PBS and created a website with pages for policymakers, care providers, and older adults. The site is linked to the Board of Aging website.
  • Passed legislation that includes continuing education requirements training on the impact of age-related hearing loss for caregivers.
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