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Goal #3: Recognition of Age-Related Hearing Loss Transcript

MNCDHH Goal #3: Recognition of Age-Related Hearing Loss

(Signed by Jason Valentine, Commission Member)

Recognition of age-related hearing loss is an important public health issue. We are noticing as baby boomers enter their older years we have a growing population of people with issues related to hearing loss.

We want to support healthy aging by increasing early identification of hearing loss by providing access to needed services and products. That access and those products will help to reduce long-term care costs of elderly citizens. 

We have three strategies to accomplish those goals. 

First, we will create a task force of agencies and councils that will address aging and hearing loss. This group will create a plan for the purpose of building allies and support all over the State of Minnesota.

Second, we will work to guarantee access to affordable, high-quality assistive listening devices including hearing aids, as well as the training needed to use and benefit from those products. 

Third, we will develop a communication plan that increases awareness of hearing loss and healthy aging for family members, care providers and consumers.

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