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Industry Category Definitions

Child Care: child care providers and staff in licensed or certified child care programs including family child care providers, child care centers and Head Start and Early Head Start programs; license-exempt child care programs including Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA and YWCA child care programs, Parks & Recreation programs, and nonprofit and religious based programs; and legally non-licensed child care (including family, friend and neighbor and private child care)
Care of children: homeless and runaway youth programs and shelters, foster care and child welfare (individuals receiving payment and who are actively providing care), child welfare case workers, and licensors who provide oversight and regulatory support to child care and other programs and services that provide care of children, and youth enrichment programs
Correctional settings: All staff that work in correctional settings including state prisons, jails, juvenile justice facilities, halfway houses, and group homes. 
Energy: Workers who construct, manufacture, repair, transport, permit, monitor, operate engineer, and maintain the energy sector, regardless of the energy source, including those in the electricity industry, petroleum workers, and natural propane and gas workers. 
Finance: Workers in banks and credit unions, investment advisers, mortgage lenders, money transmitters, consumer lenders, motor vehicle finance, currency exchanges, and credit service and debt settlement 
First Responders: Firefighters; law enforcement, which includes correctional officers, public safety dispatchers, and community service officers; and victim service advocates not previously vaccinated in phase 1a.
Food Retail: Food retail includes workers in grocery stores, convenience stores, food shelves, farmers markets, and other specialty food stores like bakeries, meat, seafood and produce markets
Food Production and Agriculture: Food production includes food distributors, food banks, meatpacking facilities and other food-processing plants, migrant farm workers, and other food supply chain support; Agriculture comprises establishments or individuals primarily engaged in, or in support of, growing crops, raising animals, harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other animals from a farm, ranch, or their natural habitats. 
Food Service: Workers operating in catering, restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries, distilleries, cafes, and other congregate dining settings; meal preparation and meal service workers, including meals for the purpose of charitable hunger relief 
Shelter/Housing (construction): Workers performing housing and commercial construction related activities, including those supporting the sale, transportation, and installation of manufactured homes.
IT/Comms: Technicians installing, repairing and replacing telecommunications/IT equipment that support critical infrastructure operations and cyber security; technicians required in person to support home and business communications
Legal: Workers providing legal services or supporting the operations of the judicial system, including judges, lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, process servers, couriers, bail bond agents, and others providing legal assistance or performing legal functions 
Manufacturing: Workers manufacturing food and beverages, textiles and apparel, leather products, wood and paper products, printing, petroleum products, chemicals, plastic and rubber products, metallic and nonmetallic mineral products, fabricated metals, machinery, computers, electrical equipment, transportation equipment, furniture, and other miscellaneous manufacturing.
Media: Workers who support radio, print, internet and television news and media services, including, but not limited to front line news reporters, photojournalists, studio, and technicians for newsgathering, reporting, and publishing news.
Public Safety (Engineers): Workers that ensure public safety systems function properly, including building inspectors, civil engineers, chemical engineers, and aerospace engineers.  
E-12 Schools: All staff that work in public, non-public and tribal schools. This includes licensed staff, non-licensed staff, bus drivers, school-based child care program staff, and mental health providers including school-linked mental health providers.
Public Transit workers: workers delivering public transit services, workers at operating facilities, and workers supporting operational systems and infrastructure for passenger services delivered by public transportation buses, paratransit vehicles, light rail, and passenger rail. 
Transportation and logistics: Workers supporting or enabling transportation and logistics functions, including infrastructure maintenance, air transportation, third party logisticians, and delivery services. 
U.S. Postal Service: Workers employed by the US Postal Service. (e.g., clerks, mail sorters, mail carriers, processors, processing machine operators) 

Water and Wastewater: Workers involved in wastewater treatment and operations; sanitary and storm maintenance crews preforming emergency and essential maintenance and conveyance systems
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