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The rulemaking docket contains information and links related to current rulemaking activities by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, including published notices, availability of rule drafts, how to submit comments, the status of the rule adoption process and hearings, information about newly adopted rules and the names of contact people.

The date shown is the last date the material was updated. The items are in order with the most recent at the top of the list. If there is nothing listed, it means there is no current rulemaking underway within the Department of Commerce.

Amendment to Rules Governing MNvest Securities Regulation, Minnesota Rules, chapter 2876

6/20/2016 12:50:54 PM


For technical or substantive questions: 

Brian Edstrom (Securities Director) 
Department of Commerce 
85 7th Place E, Suite 500 
St. Paul MN 55101 


For written comments, questions, or requests:

Donna Watz
Department of Commerce
85 7th Place E, Suite 500
St. Paul MN 55101


Subject Matter Rules Governing MNvest Securities Regulation 
Notices Published
  • Request for Comments published 13 Jul 2015 State Register (40 SR 29) 
  • Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules Without a Public Hearing published 30 Nov 2015 State Register (40 SR 619) 
  • Notice of Adoption published 13 Jun 2016 State Register (40 SR 1617)
Current Status Adopted
Availability of Rule Draft Published 30 Nov 2015 State Register (40 SR 619) and 13 Jun 2016 State Register (40 SR 1617)
Rule Type Permanent
Public Hearing Schedule N/A
Date Rule Adopted May 13, 2016
Secretary of State Filing Date May 20, 2016
Effective Date of Rule June 20, 2016
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