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Administrative Bulletin 2016-1

FAQ & Clarifications

What is the applicability of the Bulletin for lines of business not stated in Section III?

Clarification:  the entire Bulletin (including the inquiries stated in Section II) will only apply to the lines stated in Section III, when the carrier has direct written premium in Minnesota.  For example, a company writing only medical malpractice insurance will not be required to respond to any part of the survey.

Should non-Minnesota business be reported?

No.  Only business (homes, vehicles, etc.) in Minnesota zip codes should be reported.  If a company does not have any business in Minnesota, it does not need to respond to the survey.

Is the number of vehicles or number of policies reported for auto?

Number of policies (as stated in the template) should be reported for auto.

How should the Section II.B. liaison information be submitted?

The liaison information should be included as part of the template linked in Section 3.C. and via e-mail (

What if a Minnesota zip code is not listed?

Please add a zip code if the zip code is not listed.  The list was intended to be complete.

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