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Our mission is to protect the public interest, advocate for Minnesota consumers, ensure a strong, competitive and fair marketplace, strengthen the state’s economic future; and serve as a trusted public resource for consumers and businesses.

Weights and Measures – More than meets the eye

3/1/2016 3:16:56 PM

old weights and measures toy truck

Weights and Measures Week is celebrated March 1-7 each year to commemorate President John Adams signing the first United States weights and measures law on March 2, 1799. 

Here in Minnesota, Weights & Measures consumer protection originated in 1885 after nearly a decade of conflict between farmers, railroads, millers, and grain elevator owners. The legislature created the Railroad & Warehouse Commission, which later became the Weights & Measures Division. Grain scales are tested for accuracy and grain is tested for quality.

Weights and measures responsibilities in the marketplace have expanded well beyond simple scales and meters and include much more than meets the eye, including:

  • Checking fuel quality and accuracy of gas pumps
  • Enforcing labeling and quantity of grocery and other packages
  • Certifying weight and measure standards for private and government organizations
  • Regulating the sale and labeling of firewood

It can be easy to forget that confidence in the marketplace depends on accurate scales and measures that ensure that you will get what you pay for -  thanks to the hard work of Weights & Measures Investigators.

Weights & Measures

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