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Auto Rental Company Sales of Insurance

An auto rental company may offer or sell certain kinds of insurance (see below) in connection with the rental of a vehicle.

Auto rental companies are exempt from licensure as an insurance producer with respect to the sale of this insurance.


"Auto rental company" means a corporation, partnership, individual, or other person that is engaged primarily in the renting of motor vehicles at per diem rates.

"Rental vehicle personal accident insurance" means accident only insurance providing accidental death benefits, dismemberment benefits and/or reimbursement for medical expenses which is issued by an insurer authorized in this state to issue accident and health insurance. These coverages are nonqualified plans under chapter 62E.

"Liability insurance" means insurance that provides coverage, as applicable, to renters and other authorized drivers of rental vehicles for liability arising from the operation of the rental vehicle. At the option of the auto rental company, this coverage may include uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage whether offered separately or in combination with other liability insurance.

"Personal effects insurance" means coverage, as applicable, to renters and other rental vehicle occupants for the loss of, or damage to, personal effects which occurs during the rental period.

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