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Wholesale Transport Registration

Minnesota Statue 237.131 prohibits telecommunications service providers and registered wholesale transport providers from knowingly contracting with a wholesale transport provider that is not registered with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

Minnesota Statue 237.132 requires a wholesale transport provider to register with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. “Wholesale transport provider" means any person, firm, association, or corporation that carries, delivers, routes, or transports any telecommunications service subject to the commission's jurisdiction, directly or indirectly, but is not certified in Minnesota to provide retail telecommunications service to the public.

A wholesale transport provider is required to register the company name, address, a contact name, and a telephone number available to other carriers that will be answered within normal business hours prior to the wholesale transport provider's initial offering of wholesale transport service in Minnesota. The Department is to maintain a contact list of all registered wholesale transport providers on its Web site to enable expeditious resolution of any call routing and call completion problems involving wholesale transport providers. Wholesale transport providers shall update their registration information when changes occur, but no less frequently than annually. Telecommunications carriers that are certified in Minnesota to provide retail telecommunications services are not required to also register as a wholesale transport provider and may not appear on the below list of registered wholesale transport providers.

The 2018 docket number is Docket No. 18-23. The 2019 docket number will be Docket No.19-23, etc.

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