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MNvest Issuers

The following issuers have submitted a notice filing to the Department indicating their intention to offer securities pursuant to the MNvest Securities Registration Exemption (Minn. Stat. 80A.461).

By declaring a MNvest issuer’s notice filing effective and listing it on this website, the Department does not represent that it endorses or approves of the issuer nor its securities offering. The securities offerings listed below are exempt from registration, meaning they have not been thoroughly reviewed by the Department nor any other regulatory authority. Therefore, in making an investment decision, purchasers must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved.

Intelligence Trust, Inc. D/B/A CheckNGN
Effective 09/19/2017

Non-Bank, LLC
Effective 09/08/2017

Rustech Brewing Company LLC
Effective 07/28/2017

Greenfield Farm + Vine, Inc.
Effective 06/28/2017

Culhane Brewing Company 
Effective 04/24/2017

Silicon Prairie Holdings Inc. 
Effective 02/16/2017

Clutch Brewing Company L.L.C. 
Effective 01/27/17

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative 
Effective 01/04/17

Torg Brewery, LLC 
Effective 12/29/16

Bluenose Gopher Brewery 
Effective 12/28/16
End date 06/26/2017


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