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Section 1332 State Innovation Waiver

Notice of Public Forum and Annual Reporting

State Innovation Waiver for the Minnesota Premium Security Plan to Stabilize the State’s Individual Health Insurance Market and Reduce Premiums for Consumers

The 1332 Waiver Draft Annual Report is now available. Please see the Annual Reporting information below.

A public forum regarding the progress of the State Innovation Waiver was hosted on June 4, 2019. Please see the Public Forum information below.

More Information

Persons with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations to participate in the forum should contact Leah Wilkes at 651-539-1460 or at least five days in advance of the meeting to make appropriate arrangements. Documents can be made available in alternative formats (e.g., large print or audio) by calling 651-539-1460. Persons with hearing loss or speech disabilities may call through their preferred Telecommunications Relay Service.

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