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Real Estate Details

The Minnesota Department of Commerce licenses nearly 25,000 companies and individuals in the real estate profession in the state of Minnesota. That includes real estate agents, brokers, closing agents, abstracters, and real estate companies.

We also license nonbank residential mortgage originators (also known as mortgage companies or mortgage lenders) mortgage company loan officers, and mortgage servicing companies, who process mortgage payments, among other activities. Companies engaged in “mortgage modification” are also subject to department licensing and oversight.

We ensure that certain standards of education and professional conduct are met in order to obtain and retain a license. We also investigate consumer complaints and can take administrative disciplinary action against licensed and/or unlicensed entities that violate state laws and rules.

You are welcome to call the department with questions about a problem you may be having; however, an investigation cannot begin until the department receives written documentation of the problem. If you have questions, call 651-539-1600 or 1-800-657-3602 (outside of the metro area) or e-mail us at

If you have a complaint against a mortgage originator, write a letter to the Department of Commerce explaining the complaint. In your letter, write the details of the dispute and include as many facts as possible such as dates, what was said, etc. Include a phone number where you can be reached and your mailing address. In addition, attach copies of any documents to support your complaint, such as mortgage applications, advertisements or cancelled checks.

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