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Conservation Improvement Program Planning & Performance Reporting

Guidelines and resources outlining the “who, what, where, why, and when” of Minnesota utility Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) planning and performance reporting requirements.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce (Commerce) manages the regulatory compliance and provides technical assistance for over 180 electric and natural gas utilities. Commerce staff evaluate each utility’s CIP Plan and Performance reporting to ensure that statutory requirements are met, programs are cost-effective, energy savings are measurable and verifiable, and that they reach customers across all market segments.

  • CIP Plans: Electric and natural gas utilities report CIP Plans with Commerce at least once every three years to outline how their planned CIP activities comply with the requirements outlined in Minnesota Statutes 216B.241 and 216B.2411. 
  • CIP Performance: Electric and gas utilities also report annual CIP Performance with Commerce to assess utilities’ actual CIP performance compared to the goals approved in their CIP Plans.

Reporting Schedules

Table 1 summarizes the current schedules for reporting CIP Plans and Performance. The table outlines the major steps and deadlines involved in the CIP Plan and Performance reporting processes for investor owned utilities and cooperative and municipality utilities.


Table 1: CIP Reporting Schedule
Steps 2015 Status Reports 2015 Status Reports 2015 Status Reports
Electric Utilities Gas Utilities Gas and Electric Utilities (same schedule) Gas and Electric Utilities (same schedule)
(same schedule) May 01-31 April 01 - May 31
1. Enter Data into ESPReporting  March 01-31 April 01-30 June 01 n/a
2. File on eDockets  April 01 May 02 August 29 December 01  
3. Proposed Decisions May 31 June 30 October 13 December 31  
4. Final Decisions June 30 July 30 January 01-31 January 01-31

Base Years for CIP Minimum Requirement Calculations

Specific base years are required to calculate the statutory minimum requirements for the energy savings, total spending, and low-income spending goals. Tables 2 and 3 summarize the base years that utilities should use to calculate the minimum requirements for this year’s CIP plan and performance reporting.

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