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Low Income Service Providers

Local Service Providers across Minnesota deliver the Energy Assistance and Weatherization Assistance Programs services to designated service areas. This section of our website includes policies, procedures, tools, and resources needed to deliver these programs. 

Energy Assistance Providers

31 local EAP Service Providers include Community Action Agencies, Counties, not-for-profit organizations, and tribal governments. Two webpages provide essential information local EAP Service Providers need to manage the EAP program.

Energy Assistance Providers webpage: includes EAP Program manuals, training information, newsletters.

Toolkit webpage: includes links to forms, spreadsheets and sample letters.

Weatherization Assistance Providers

25 local WAP Service Providers include Community Action Agencies, not-for-profit organizations, local government entities, and tribal governments.

To access WAP policies, technical guides, forms, training resources, and newsletters, visit the WAP Service Providers section of our website.


The eHEAT software is used by EAP and WAP providers to serve customers, manage data, and streamline program functions, including a payment and vendor interaction. 

For a link to eHEAT, application processing information, vendor information, and users manuals, visit the eHEAT section of our website.

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