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Assessing Your Home

Whether you're new to the idea of energy improvement in the home, or looking to commit to the next steps of major energy renovation, the Home Energy Guide has helpful tips to guide you on your way. 

There are many occasions in which knowledge about the energy efficiency of your home can be very useful:

  • Replacing major heating, cooling, or ventilation equipment
  • Installing new doors, windows, or siding
  • Planning a remodeling project
  • Correcting complex issues like moisture or leakage in the home
  • Buying or selling a home

An energy audit examines the energy efficiency of your house before any changes are made. It can help you decide what needs fixing, what needs upgrading, and what needs replacement—and in what order the projects should be completed. It can identify simple, low-cost steps that you can take immediately (like weather-stripping your doors) as well as larger, more expensive projects (like air sealing or insulation) that will save you money in the long run. Most people also request a follow-up inspection after renovation work has been done to compare their home's energy performance before and after. You can contact your gas or electric utility company (or a private home energy auditor) to arrange for an energy assessment.

Learn more about Home Assessments (.pdf)

Explore the interactive house below to see how you can save energy in your home. 

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