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Assessing Your Home

Whether you're new to the idea of energy improvement in the home, or looking to commit to the next steps of major energy renovation, the Home Energy Guide has helpful tips to guide you on your way. 

There are many occasions in which professional knowledge about the energy efficiency of your home can be very useful –when replacing major heating or ventilation equipment; installing new doors, windows, or siding; planning a home remodel; correcting complex issues like moisture or leakage in the home; or buying and selling a property. We recommend a home energy assessment, or energy audit, which will help to identify opportunities and options for energy improvement. The resources in this section can help guide you on the journey of energy assessment and energy improvements.

Power Your Home with Solar? 

After you’ve done everything to make your home energy efficient, then you may want to look at powering your home with renewable energy sources such as solar energy. By making your home energy efficient first, you can reduce your energy consumption. A decrease in your energy demand will reduce the size of investment needed for your solar energy system, and maximize the returns on your system. The Commerce website offers some good tips on how Minnesotans can tap solar. Also see “Powering Your Home” (pages 42-43) of the Home Energy Guide to learn about solar photovoltaics.

Explore the interactive house below to see how you can save energy in your home. 

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