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Saving energy makes sense for Minnesota

The cumulative effects of thousands of local families reducing their energy use will benefit us all. Minnesota uses a great deal of fossil fuel energy, all of which must be imported into the state. Anything that we can do to reduce the emissions from burning coal and petroleum products will help to slow the rate of climate change and have a positive impact on local air and water quality. Investments in energy-related home improvements help to grow jobs right here in Minnesota—from contractors and installers to manufacturers and retailers

Energy efficiency makes sense for your wallet

You may realize substantial reductions in your energy usage through basic conservation and efficiency improvements, and even modest yearly savings will compound over time into a sizeable sum. Many energy improvements will save enough money to pay for the initial investment within a few years or sooner. 

Where to begin?

Many people assume that there is little they can do to significantly reduce their energy bills and increase the efficiency of their home. In reality, there are many things that you can do yourself and many other things that you can hire professionals to do. The Home Energy Guide (pdf) is a great guide to get you started on energy savings. In the topics above—“Assessing Your Home,” “Your Home’s Structure,” “Heating & Cooling,” “Appliances, Lighting & Electronics”—we have gleaned from the Home Energy Guide to help begin your energy-saving journey. Start with “Assessing Your Home” and read on to learn of great energy- and money-saving opportunities.

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