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This webpage contains information and documents related to the permitting of this project by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Every project before the Commission has an electronic docket (eDocket), a file folder for all of the project's documents.

Documents for this project are listed below in the File Register, most recent documents first. To view the eDockets record for this project, click on the eDockets link below, or click on the eDockets tab in the File Register. A subset of the record, including key documents with descriptions, is available by clicking on the Energy Facilities tab in the File Register.

For more information about participating in the permitting of this project, click on the How to Participate tab, or contact the environmental review manager or public advisor listed below.

Project Docket

Docket No E002/CN-10-694
Project name Xcel Energy Hiawatha 115 kV HVTL Certificate of Need docket
Applicant Xcel Energy
Description The Hiawatha Project was designed to address the distribution system problems that exist in south Minneapolis. The Project consists of two new 115/13.8 kV distribution substations equipped with smart substation technologies, two 115 kV transmission lines and two new taps of the existing Elliot Park – Southtown 115 kV transmission line
Subjects Environmental policy; Electric power transmission
Location Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
Docket created: November 01, 2010
Application accepted
Public meeting
Scoping decision
Public hearing
Environmental document available
Certificate of Need issued
Project closed
Docket closed
eDockets 10-694
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Project Summary

Xcel Energy has proposed the Hiawatha Project to make major improvements to the electric infrastructure in south Minneapolis in order to meet the area’s growing need for electricity.

The Hiawatha Project would construct two 115-kilovolt transmission lines along 29th Street E and the Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority Corridor in south Minneapolis. The 1.4 mile-long lines would connect to a new substation near the Hiawatha corridor and another new substation at Oakland Ave South. Pending regulatory review and approval, construction would begin in mid 2011 and be completed in 2012.

On April 24, 2009 Xcel Energy filed a Route Permit Application (Application) with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) -- officially beginning the state’s permitting process. The Application reflects the input we received from the public during months of outreach and includes multiple transmission line routes and design options -- with two underground options -- and alternative locations for both substations, as well as comments we received from stakeholders and resolutions passed by elected officials and community organizations.

The Minnesota State Legislature has since passed legislation that requires Xcel Energy to go through the Certificate of Need process for the Hiawatha Project. Prior to the passage of this legislation, a project the size of the Hiawatha Project did not require a certificate of need before it could be permitted. During this process, the MPUC will evaluate the need for the project and determine the type of transmission lines to construct (if any). The process, which will include notices to the community and opportunities for public input, typically takes a year to complete. Look for future updates about the certificate of need process.

The docket number for the HVTL Route Permit proceeding is E002/TL-09-38.

The Energy Facility Permitting web page for the HVTL Route Permit docket can be found at:

File Register
Energy Facilities eDockets
02/10/12 PUC HVTL Certificate of Need Final Decision: Xcel Energy Hiawatha Project | document details
The Commission has issued an Order granting a Certificate of Need to Xcel Energy
11/04/11 ALJ's Summary of Public Comments: Xcel Energy Hiawatha HVTL Project Certificate of Need Proceedings | document details
Public hearings were held on October 10, 2011, by ALJ Beverly Jones Heydinger, pursuant to the Notice of Public Hearing and Availability of Environmental Report, issued on August 26, 2011
08/26/11 Public Notice: Public Hearing and Availability of Environmental Report | document details
A public hearing will be held on October 10, 2011, in Minneapolis concerning a certificate of need for the proposed 115 kV Hiawatha transmission line project. Comments may be submitted to the administrative law judge through October 26, 2011. An environmental report of the project has been completed and is available for review prior to the hearing
08/19/11 Environmental Report: Hiawatha HVTL Project Certificate of Need | document details
This Environmental Report provides an overview of the proposed project and its alternatives, the regulatory framework, an analysis of the potential impacts and possible mitigative measures which may minimize the impacts
04/21/11 Scoping Decision: Xcel Energy's Hiawatha HVTL Project | document details
The Deputy Commissioner, Division of Energy Resources has issued his Scope determining the impacts and alternatives to be evaluated in the Environmental Report for the proposed Hiawatha HVTL Project
04/21/11 Availability of Scoping Decision: Xcel Energy's Hiawatha HVTL Project Certificate of Need Proceeding | document details
The Minnesota Department of Commerce announces the release of the scoping decision and notice of intent to prepare an environmental report (ER) for the proposed Hiawatha transmission line project
04/20/11 Xcel Energy responses to ER scoping comments | document details
Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota corporation (Xcel Energy), responses to Environmental Report (ER) scoping comments submited pursuant to Minnesota Rules Part 7849.1400, Subp. 6
04/06/11 Public Comments on the Scope of the Environmental Document
OES EFP held a Public Information/Scoping meeting on the Hiawatha project (CON) on March 16, 2011; the comment period allowing the public to submit comments on the scope of the ER was open until April 6, 2011. The following comments were received
03/04/11 Draft Scoping Document: Hiawatha HVTL Project Certificate of Need Proceedings | document details
This scoping document is intended to advise the public of the scoping process and the process for the preparation of the Environmental Review document. The scoping decision will identify for the public the issues and alternatives that the Office of Energy Security (OES) has determined are appropriate for inclusion in the environmental review document
02/17/11 PUC Order: Finding application complete and initiating informal review process | document details
On January 27, 2011, the Commission accepted as substantially complete Xcel Energy's Certificate of Need Application for Two 115kV Transmission Lines in the Midtown area of South Minneapolis
02/17/11 PUC Notice of CON Comment Period | document details
The Commission found Xcel Energy's Hiawatha 115 kV Certificate of Need Application complete on February 16, 2011, and is soliciting written comment on the merits of the proposed project
02/11/11 Public Meeting Notice: Hiawatha HVTL CON | document details
The OES will conduct public information and environmental report (ER) scoping meetings on Wednesday, March 16, 2011, at the Plaza Verde on the certificate of need application by Xcel Energy for the proposed 115 kV high voltage transmission lines (HVTL) in the Midtown area of south Minneapolis (Hiawatha Project). Comments on the ER scope will be accepted until April 6, 2011.
12/09/10 Public of PUC Meeting | document details
The Commission will consider the items listed on the attached agenda, including timing questions related to the Hiawatha 115 kV Certificate of Need application, on Tuesday, December 21, 2010, at 9:30 AM. The meeting will be held in the Large Hearing Room, Suite 350, 121 7th Place East, St. Paul, MN
Public Notice: Comment Period on Completeness of CON Application | document details
The Commission is soliciting comments on Xcel Energy's November 29, 2010, certificate of need application for two 115 kV HVTLs and two new distribution substations in the Midtown Area of South Minneapolis.
11/29/10 Certificate of Need Application - Hiawatha HVTL Project
Application of Northern States Power Company for a Certificate of Need for construction of two 115 kV transmission lines and two distribution substations in south Minneapolis.

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