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This webpage contains information and documents related to the permitting of this project by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Every project before the Commission has an electronic docket (eDocket), a file folder for all of the project's documents.

Documents for this project are listed below in the File Register, most recent documents first. To view the eDockets record for this project, click on the eDockets link below, or click on the eDockets tab in the File Register. A subset of the record, including key documents with descriptions, is available by clicking on the Energy Facilities tab in the File Register.

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Project Docket

Docket No E002/TL-10-249
Project name Southwest Twin Cities 115 kV HVTL Upgrades (Glencoe - Waconia)
Applicant Xcel Energy
Description Approximately 2.8 miles of new 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line and upgrade approximately 20.2 miles of 69 kV transmission line to 115 kV capacity (approximately 23 miles total) near the cities of Glencoe, Plato, Norwood Young America and Waconia located southwest of the Twin Cities metro area
Subjects Environmental policy; Electric power transmission; Environmental assessment
Location Carver County; McLeod County
Docket created: March 12, 2010
Contacts: Bill Storm, 651-539-1844, Environmental Review Manager.
Application accepted
Public meeting
Scoping decision
Environmental document available
Public hearing
Permit issued
Project built
Docket closed
eDockets 10-249
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Project Summary

The Applicants propose to construct the following facilities for which a HVTL Route Permit is required:

  • Construct a new 115 kV Diamond Substation in Glencoe and approximately 5 miles of new 115 kV transmission line between the existing Armstrong Substation and the new Diamond Substation.
  • Upgrade approximately 4 miles of 69 kV transmission line to 115/69 kV double circuit from the proposed Diamond Substation to the existing Plato Substation.
  • Expand the existing Plato Substation to upgrade the 69 kV distribution load to 115 kV, and to install a capacitor bank on the 69 kV transmission line.
  • Upgrade approximately 10 miles of 69 kV transmission line to 115 kV capacity between the Plato Substation, the Young America Substation and the West Waconia Substation.
  • Construct approximately 1 mile of new 115 kV transmission line along Highway 5 on the west side of the City of Norwood Young America. This new segment is needed to avoid having to build the 115 kV line into the developed areas of the City of Norwood Young America.
  • Upgrade approximately 1 mile of existing 69 kV transmission to 115 kV from the existing West Waconia Substation along Highway 5.
  • Construct approximately 2 miles of new 69 kV transmission line from Highway 5 to the existing Augusta 69 kV transmission line. This section would be built to double circuit standard to accommodate a future 115 kV transmission line, along with the proposed 69 kV line.
  • Upgrade approximately 7 miles of existing 69 kV transmission line to 115 kV capacity from the Waconia Tap to just short of the Augusta Substation.

Xcel Energy has also filed an application for a Certificate of Need with the Commission and believes that it would be efficient to combine the contested case and public hearings in the Certificate of Need and Route Permit proceedings and requests that they be held jointly. See Minn. Stat. 216B.243, subd. 4; Minn. Rule 7850.2600, Subp.3.

The docket number for the CON proceeding is E002/TL-10-694.

The Energy Facility Permitting web page for the CON docket can be found at:

File Register
Energy Facilities eDockets
03/12/12 State Register Notice: PUC Final Decision on Northern States Power Glencoe-Waconia HVTL Route Permit | document details
At its regular meeting on October 20, 2011, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission determined that the Environmental Assessment addressed the issues identified in the Scoping Decision and issued a route permit for the project.
11/14/11 PUC HVTL Route Permit Final Decision: Xcel Energy Glencoe-Waconia 115 kV Project | document details
The Commission has issued an Order granting a Route Permit to Xcel Energy, including a description of the route and other conditions of the permit and links to the official maps of the route
10/11/11 Comments and Recommendations of the DOC EFP staff on the final permit decision for the Xcel Energy Glencoe-Waconia HVTL Route Permit Application
Attached are the comments and recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) Energy Facility Permitting (EFP) staff in the above stated matter
09/27/11 ALJ's Public Hearing Summary of Testimony and Written Comments, Glencoe-Waconia HVTL Project | document details
Summary of Testimony contains oral and written comments received during the Public Hearing open comment period as prepared by the presiding ALJ
07/26/11 Environmental Assessment, Glencoe - Waconia HVTL Project
This Environmental Assessment (EA) provides an overview of the proposed project and its alternatives, the regulatory framework, an analysis of the potential impacts and possible mitigative measures which may minimize the impacts
07/26/11 Public Notice: Public Hearing and Availability of Environmental Assessment | document details
A public hearing will be held on August 24, 2011, in Norwood Young America concerning a route permit and certificate of need for the proposed 115 kV Glencoe Waconia transmission line project. Comments may be submitted to the administrative law judge through September 7, 2011. An environmental assessment of the project has been completed and is available for review prior to the hearing.
04/01/11 Availability of Scoping Decision: Xcel Energy's Glencoe - Waconia HVTL Upgrade Project | document details
The Minnesota Department of Commerce, Office of Energy Security (OES) announces the release of the scoping decision and notice of intent to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) for the proposed Glencoe - Waconia transmission line project
04/01/11 Scoping Decision: Xcel Energy's Glencoe - Waconia HVTL Upgrade Project | document details
The Office of Energy Security Director has issued his Scope determining the impacts and alternative routes to be evaluated in the Environmental Assessment for the proposed Glencoe-Waconia HVTL Upgrade Project
03/24/11 Public Comments on the Scope of the Environmental Document
OES EFP held a Public Information/Scoping meeting on the Glencoe-Waconia project on March 1, 2011; the comment period allowing the public to submit comments on the scope of the EA was open until March 23, 2011. The following comments were received
03/23/11 Xcel Energy's comment on the scope of the environmnetal assessment | document details
Northern States Power Company provides the following comments regarding two route alternatives along U.S. Highway 212 that were proposed during the environmental assessment scoping process for the Southwest Twin Cities 115 kV Transmission Line Upgrades to the Glencoe to Waconia 69 kV system
02/11/11 Draft Scoping Document: Glencoe - Waconia HVTL Rebuild Project | document details
This scoping document is intended to advise the public of the scoping process and the process for the preparation of the Environmental Review document. The scoping decision will identify for the public the issues and alternatives that the OES has determined are appropriate for inclusion in the environmental review document
02/01/11 NOTICE: Public Information and Environmental Review Scoping Meeting, 115 kV Glencoe to Waconia HVTL Project | document details
The OES will conduct public information and environmental review scoping meetings on March 1, 2011, at the Clay Community Building in Norwood Young America. Comments will be accepted until March 23, 2011
01/14/11 PUC Order: Route Permit Application Completeness | document details
On January 14, 2011, the Commission accepted the HVTL Route Permit application submitted by Xcel Energy for the Glencoe to Waconia HVTL upgrade project
12/27/10 OES Energy Facility Permitting staff Comments and Recommendations on application acceptance: Xcel Energy Glencoe to Waconia HVTL project | document details
Attached are the comments and recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) Office of Energy Security (OES) Energy Facility Permitting (EFP) staff in the above stated matter
12/10/10 HVTL Route Permit Application: Southwest Twin Cities 115 kV HVTL Upgrades Glencoe to Waconia
The proposed project measures approximately 23 miles in length and primarily follows existing transmission line corridor, initiating from the proposed Diamond Substation near the city of Glencoe and ending at a transmission structure located approximately 1.25 miles west of the Augusta Substation
03/12/10 Notice of Intent to File Application Pursuant to Alternative Permitting Process for a proposed 115 kV transmission line upgrade to the Glencoe to Waconia 69 kV transmission system. | document details
In accordance with Minnesota RuIe 7850.2800, Subpart 2, Northern States Power Company, doing business as Xcel Energy, notified the PUC that it intents to submit an application for a route permit for the Southwest Twin Cities 115 kV Glencoe to Waconia project following the alternative permitting procedures in Minnesota Rules 7850.2800 to 7850.3700

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