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Combined Heat & Power Action Plan Implementation

Based on the findings of the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) stakeholder engagement process, Commerce prepared the Final CHP Action Plan as a deliverable for a Department of Energy (DOE) grant.

The purpose of the Action Plan is to summarize the key findings of Commerce’s CHP work, and to synthesize these findings to inform clear and achievable recommendations that could help lead to potential CHP implementation in Minnesota.

Final CHP Action Plan Summary Recommendations
Priority Areas Action Items
I CHP Evaluation Methodology and Criteria Establish CHP Energy Savings Attribution Model and Project Evaluation Criteria
II Mapping CHP Opportunities Map CHP Opportunities at Wastewater Treatment Facilities and Public Facilities
III Education and Training Opportunities Expand Education and Training Resources on Commerce's Website
IV CHP Ownership Programs and Solutions Leverage Existing Financing Programs Applicable to CHP
V CIP CHP Supply Side Investments Examine Electric Utility Infrastructure Policy
VI Standby Rates Continue Discussion through PUC's Generic Proceeding
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