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Financial Fraud Prevention for Older Adults Toolkit

As the state’s consumer protection agency, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is committed to empowering older adults and their families to protect themselves against financial fraud.

We know that, every day across Minnesota, older adults are targeted by fraudsters and scam artists. It can happen to anyone, whoever they may be and wherever they may live.

Fraud against older adults takes many forms – from classic Ponzi schemes with phantom investments promising “guaranteed” profits to fake sweepstakes and lottery scams. It can even involve a family member, friend or caregiver who abuses their trust and exploits an older adult’s vulnerability to steal from them.

The common denominator among all these predatory practices is that they aim to take older adults’ hard-earned savings.

The best line of defense is prevention through education, because knowledge is power.

Each of us has the power to stop fraud before it starts. We need to know how to identify the red flags which signal that an older adult’s savings and financial well-being may be in danger. That is what this financial fraud prevention toolkit is all about.

Please fill out the form below and you will receive your requested toolkit(s) within 10 business days. The Commerce Department will not use your information to sell to a third party.

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