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Hang Up on Fraud!

Learn How to Spot and Stop Fraud

As the state's consumer protection agency, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is committed to empowering older adults and their families to protect themselves against financial fraud.

We know that every day across Minnesota, older adults are targeted by fraudsters and scam artists. It can happen to anyone, whoever they may be and wherever they may live. We want you to be equipped to protect yourself and others against frauds and scams.

The Resources section above includes links to Hang Up on Fraud "toolkits," prepared by the Minnesota Commerce Department,  with information and tips for recognizing and preventing fraud.

There are also four Hang Up on Fraud videos, which may be viewed/shown together or separately. Each video has an accompanying handout that may be printed and distributed.

We encourage you to use these videos, and accompanying materials, for presentations with older Minnesotans and/or their family members. They are suitable for use at community centers, senior residences, houses of worship and other venues. 

Giving a Presentation

To assist in presenting these Hang Up on Fraud videos and leading a follow-up discussion, you are welcome to use this Hang Up on Fraud Discussion sheet.

The Extent of the Problem of Frauds & Scams in Minnesota
Length: 00:08:33 Direct Link

Find out what you should know to protect yourself against fraud and scams

Handout: Frauds & Scams: The Extent of the Problem (.pdf)

Common Frauds & Scams: The Red Flags of Fraud
Length: 00:08:57 Direct Link

Find out how to protect yourself from fraud and scams in Minnesota

Handout: Common Frauds and Scams (.pdf)

How, When & Where to Report Fraud
Length: 00:05:24 Direct Link

Learn how to protect yourself against fraud and scams in Minnesota

Handout: How, When and Where to Report Fraud (.pdf)

The Role of the Commerce Department
Length: 00:06:08 Direct Link

Learn the role of the Commerce Department in stopping fraud and scams in Minnesota

Handout: The Role of the Commerce Department (.pdf)

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