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Stop Fraud Before It Starts

Stop Fraud Before It Starts

As the state’s consumer protection agency, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is committed to empowering older adults and their families to protect themselves against financial fraud. 

We know that, every day across Minnesota, older adults are targeted by fraudsters and scam artists. It can happen to anyone, whoever they may be and wherever they may live.

Scams don’t discriminate; arm yourself with information

Access to Democracy, Interview, January 1, 2020
Marty Fleischhacker, Senior Fraud Ombudsman for the Minnesota Department of Commerce, is interviewed by Bill Raker, ATD guest host. In addition to explaining the mission of the Department, Marty discusses why and how the Department is directing significant efforts and resources towards scams and fraud.

Access to Democracy, Interview, June 4, 2021
Marty Fleischhacker, Senior Financial Fraud Ombudsman & Civil Enforcement Liaison for the Minnesota Department of Commerce, discusses with guest host Bill Raker the topic “ID Theft – What You Need to Know”. The proliferation and consequences of ID Theft is a serious matter. Marty calls on his first-hand experience in working with fraud victims to explain the different types of Identity Theft activities. He lists the kinds of personal data the scammers are seeking, the various methods they use to trick victims to give the data and what they subsequently do with the data. Marty shares important steps consumers should take to safeguard their personal information and what a victim of ID theft should do to get help.

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