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Financial Capability

Governor's Proclamation

Financial capability refers to people’s knowledge, skills and access to products and services that enable them to manage their finances, make informed choices for their financial security and future and to avoid scams and fraud.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, resources for Minnesotans who may be impacted, either as small business owners, workers or investors, are more crucial than ever. The Commerce Department is partnering with numerous organizations to provide those resources and information to help Minnesotans weather this storm together.

Financial Capability Resources

Piggy Bank

COVID-19: Organization and Agencies That Can Help

Have you recently either lost your employment or had a sharp decrease in your income? Here are some resources:

Unemployment Insurance Benefits & COVID-19

Virtual Services available at Career Force for job-seekers

Lutheran Social Services – Employment and Financial Counseling

Mental Wellbeing

Sudden Loss of Income

Talking to Children about COVID-19

Food Security

Student Loans during COVID-19

Minnesota Credit Union Network Consumer Resources

6 Tips on Using the Economic Impact Payment to Share with Member (.pdf)

Financial Planning Association® (FPA®): Offers pro bono assistance to those in need of addressing all kinds of money matters with no strings attached

Op-ed: Why financial literacy matters in an economic crisis (CNBC News)

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Announce Free Weekly Credit Reports to Help Americans in Response to COVID-19

CNBC Article on Financial Education April 24, 2020
Treasurer Goldberg was featured in a very relevant CNBC article today focusing on the importance of financial education during the pandemic.

Protect Your Money

Protecting Yourself From Fraud

Consumer Alerts

Avoid Coronavirus Scams: Advice for Consumers (Federal Trade Commission)

The following are examples of actual fraud emails that have been received:

Inheritance/Grant Scam (.pdf)

Inheritance/ Coronavirus Scam (.pdf)

Coronavirus Scam (.pdf)

Advance Fee Scam (.pdf)

Nigerian 419 Scam (.pdf) Named 419 because that is the Nigerian criminal code number for this type of scam

older woman

Senior Fraud

Senior Fraud Toolkit (.pdf)

Tips to Hang Up on Fraud

Protect Your Nest Egg

Do you and your parents know the red flags of a scam?

Scams don’t discriminate; arm yourself with information

Access to Democracy
Marty Fleischhacker, Senior Fraud Ombudsman for the Minnesota Department of Commerce, is interviewed by Bill Raker, ATD guest host. In addition to explaining the mission of the Department, Marty discusses why and how the Department is directing significant efforts and resources towards scams and fraud.

two young children

Prepare Your Child for Financial Capability

Build your kids’ money skills while they’re home from school

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