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Have You Started to Save?

Many of us have good intentions to start saving for the future, but life often gets in the way. We are too busy, we have other expenses that take priority, or we think we do not have enough left over each month to save. Whatever challenges we face, it is never too late to start saving for the future--even saving the most modest amount today can make a big difference in the future!

The University of Minnesota Extension offers many resources to get you started—from thinking about what your needs and wants are for the future to determining what you need to save to reach those goals.

Begin saving today

No matter how little you think your income is, it is possible to save! Taking small steps and setting small reachable goals is important. After all, it can be overwhelming to think about the future.

Coming up with your savings plan is an ongoing process. Setting small goals will help you move closer to creating a savings plan that is obtainable and aligned with what you value for your future. To learn how to set goals, understand the difference between needs and wants, and understand basics of saving, check out: at the U of M | Extension website.

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