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2017 Rate Filings

Find Rate Filings

Search SERFF for 2017 Rate Filings

  1. Go to SERFF Filing Access
  2. Select "Begin Search"
  3. A disclaimer will appear, select "Accept"
  4. The Filing Search page will open. Select the "Health Plan Binder" button
  5. In the Search Options area select the following:
    • Plan Year: 2017
    • Binder Type: Medical
    • Market Type: Individual
  6. Select "Search"
  7. Search results will appear. Select the Company whose filings you want to see.
  8. The documents filed by that company will be displayed in the Binder Summary. To help you find key information, we suggest you start with the following attachments:
    • Rate Data Template
    • Plan and Benefits Template
    • Service Area Template
  9. Having trouble finding what you need? See the SERFF Help Page
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