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Toy Safety

The Commerce Department works in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect Minnesota consumers from unsafe products in the marketplace.

Safety Tips

Consumer Product Safety Database

Safer Products is the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Buying Toys

  • Choose toys with care.  Keep in mind the child’s age, interests and skill level.
  • Look for quality design and construction in all toys for all ages.
  • Make sure that all directions or instructions are clear – to you, and when appropriate, to the child.
  • Plastic wrappings on toys should be discarded at once before they become deadly playthings.
  • Look on the label for, and follow, age recommendations, such as “Not recommended for children under age three.”
  • Look for other safety labels including: “Flame retardant/Flame resistant” on fabric products, and “washable/hygienic materials’ on stuffed toys and dolls.

Every toy is not suited for every child

Keep toys designed for older children out of the hands of little ones.  Follow labels that give age recommendations – some toys are recommended only for older children because they may be hazardous in the hands of a younger child.  Teach older children to help keep their toys away from younger brothers and sisters.

Even balloons, when uninflated or broken, can choke or suffocate children. More children have suffocated on uninflated balloons than on any other type of toy.

This information is made possible by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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