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Flood Insurance

As the second largest natural disaster, floods are widespread and can cause much more than property damage. Without proper insurance, flooding can cause severe personal and financial losses.

We Can Help

When disasters happen, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is here to help you resolve your insurance claims and begin the road to recovery.

Flood Insurance Basics

What every Minnesotan should know about flood insurance.

Companies Selling Flood Insurance

A list of private insurance companies that sell and service federal flood insurance policies.

What to Do After a Flood

Follow these steps after a flood to file a claim and recoup damages.

Taking Care of Finances

Homeowners affected by severe flooding or storms should begin communicating immediately with lenders about mortgage and other loan payments payments.

Sewer Backup Policy

Even if your home or businesses is not in the path of rising flood waters, your property may still be at risk of damage from sewer backup.

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