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Insurance & Financial Assistance

Minnesota FAIR Plan

Minnesota FAIR Plan offers limited property insurance coverage for residential and commercial property owners in Minnesota who are unable to obtain coverage in the private insurance market.

The mission of the Minnesota FAIR Plan is to provide basic and affordable property insurance to applicants in without regard to environmental hazards, providing the property is reasonably maintained. It is understood that applicants, as well as policyholders, are encouraged to secure insurance through a producer in the standard market place before application to the FAIR Plan.

Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan

Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan makes auto insurance coverage available to Minnesotans who are unable to obtain coverage in the voluntary insurance market at a premium lower than that available under the plan.

The Minnesota Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (MNAIP) became effective December 18, 1942. The name was changed to the Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan. The Plan became statutory effective January 1, 1972.

All insurers writing automobile insurance in Minnesota are required to participate in the MNAIP.

All agents and brokers holding a valid license to transact automobile insurance in the state of Minnesota are eligible to submit applications to the Plan.

Applicants must declare and certify that they have tried and failed to obtain automobile insurance in Minnesota within the preceding 60 days and have been unable to obtain such insurance at rates not exceeding those applicable under the Plan. Applicants must also have a valid drivers license or be eligible to obtain one through a filing. For further information, consumers should consult their agent or broker.

Required Savings Account

Minnesota law requires that every bank and credit union offer a Lifeline Savings Account to Minnesota residents that has no service charge or fee, as long as the account has an average monthly balance of more than $50.

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