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Consumer Alerts

Protecting and informing consumers is an important part of the work we do everyday at the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

We routinely take actions against companies and individuals for breaking the law and preying on innocent consumers. We also issue important information in the form of alerts, tips and warnings to help consumers protect themselves from fraudsters.

Here you will find the latest warnings, alerts and tips issued by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. These consumer alerts are based on the research and investigations conducted by our team of experts.

  • Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman urges all Minnesotans to claim their Unclaimed Property
    February 21, 2013 - Our State’s Unclaimed Property Program was created in 1969 to ensure that money that businesses owed to Minnesotans was held in the public interest and returned to the extent possible to Minnesota’s consumers. What are your chances of having $100 or more waiting for you? One in 20 Minnesotans have unclaimed property, typically dormant bank accounts, un-cashed checks, unclaimed wages, safe deposit boxes, stocks, or insurance policies.