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Legislative Board Members

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 2015, Section 15.0145 four legislators are voting members of each council.  The speaker of the house and the house minority leader shall each appoint one member to each council. The Subcommittee on Committees of the senate Committee on Rules and Administration shall appoint one member of the majority caucus and one member of the minority caucus to each council.

Photograph of Senator Roger  Chamberlain
Senator Roger Chamberlain
Term: July 2015 to NA
(R) District 38
Photograph of Representative Rod  Hamilton
Representative Rod Hamilton
Term: February 2015 to NA
(R) District 22B
Photograph of Representative JoAnn  Ward
Representative JoAnn Ward
Term: July 2017 to N/A
(DFL) District 53A
Photograph of Senator Carolyn  Laine
Senator Carolyn Laine
Term: February 2015 to NA
(DFL) District 41
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