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Grace Lee, Treasurer

Term: July 2019 to January 2023
Grace Lee is one of the founding members of Sejong Academy, the first Korean immersion charter school in the Midwest. She brings openness, a willingness to serve, and the fortitude to work through challenges to her work with the Council’s Board of Directors. She has served in her appointment with the Council since 2019. 
Ms. Lee holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin, a Master’s of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and graduate certificates in both Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota and Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Management from Georgetown University. She has more than 25 years of experience in both non-profit and for-profit organizations – from Fortune 500 companies to local churches, schools, government, and community groups. Ms. Lee was one of the first Korean-American women in the southern U.S. to be ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament by the Presbyterian Church, and served at the largest Korean-American PC church in the nation.
Ms. Lee was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She credits the determination and hard work ethic of immigrants, as embodied by her parents, for bringing her to where she is today.

About the Korean Minnesotan community: 
The Korean Minnesotan community is estimated at 24,356 strong, representing the 5th largest Asian Pacific community in Minnesota. Koreans began arriving in Minnesota during the mid-twentieth century, and many more have arrived since then as first-generation immigrants. Minnesota is also home to the largest Korean adoptee community in the United States. Of Korean Minnesotans who speak a native language other than English at home, 14% are considered limited English proficient.

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