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David Maeda, Chair

Term: June 2018 to January 2022
David Maeda is Director of Elections for the Minnesota Office of Secretary of State. He brings a deep belief in the power of public service to the Council’s Board of Directors, where he has served since 2018.
Mr. Maeda was born in Minneapolis. He is a graduate of Macalester College, where an internship with the Minnesota Secretary of State piqued his interest in elections administration. He became an elections supervisor for Washington County, and later for Hennepin County. He worked for 11 years as the Minnetonka city clerk helping to run city elections before moving into his current role. He is also an avid Twins fan. 
Mr. Maeda brings a wealth of knowledge of government at the state, county, and city levels to his work with the Council.
About the Japanese Minnesotan community:
The Japanese Minnesotan community is estimated at 10,057 strong, representing the 10th largest Asian Pacific community in Minnesota. Prior to 1940 there were only about 50 Minnesota residents, but following the end of World War II, that number grew to nearly 1,000 Japanese Minnesotans. Some of these Minnesotans were returning from internment camps located outside the state, while others were new arrivals hoping to make a better life themselves and their families. Of those who speak a native language other than English at home, 24% are considered limited English proficient. 
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