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Dave Hoang, Treasurer

Term: May 2020 to January 2024
Dave Hoang is a pharmacist with the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services. 
Mr. Hoang has lived in Minnesota for more than 20 years. Prior to that, he spent time in California and Vietnam, where he was born. He earned his Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Hoang’s experience as a refugee, combined with his work experience in state government, help him understand the impact of federal and state government rules and regulations on communities across the state. 
Mr. Hoang is a valued problem solver who is accustomed to working with internal and external stakeholders. He brings empathy and compassion to his work with the Council’s Board, where he has served in his current appointment since 2020.

About the Vietnamese Minnesotan community:

The Vietnamese Minnesotan community is estimated at 32,622 strong, representing the 4th largest Asian Pacific community in Minnesota. In 1975, the first wave of Vietnamese refugees came to Minnesota following the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam War. Beginning in the 1990s more Vietnamese immigrants began to arrive in Minnesota seeking employment opportunities and reunification with their families. Of those who speak a native language other than English at home, 53% are considered limited English proficient.

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