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U of M VMC Faculty Clinician License

VMC Interns and Residents

The Minnesota Veterinary Practice Act requires that all interns, residents, and faculty practicing in the University’s Veterinary Medical Center are licensed by the Board. All interns and residents must have a standard veterinary license. There are three licensure categories available; however, only those faculty applicants who do not qualify for a standard license should apply for the specialty or temporary license.

Standard Veterinary License

This is the same license that is issued to other veterinarians who practice in the state of Minnesota. The applicant is a graduate of an AVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine, holds an ECFVG certificate, or can present a passing NAVLE score to the Board. Holders of a standard license are not restricted to practicing within the scope of their employment at the Veterinary Medical Center.

Online application form
Instructions for using online application

Paper application form

University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center Faculty Licenses

Faculty working on animals at the Veterinary Medical Center that are not eligible for a standard license must qualify for either a Specialty Faculty VMC Clinician License or Temporary Faculty VMC Clinician License. The department chair must provide a letter stating that the faculty position is hard to fill.

Specialty Faculty Veterinary Medical Center Clinician License

A specialty practitioner in a hard-to-fill faculty position who is specialty board certified by the AVMA or the European Board of Veterinary Specialization but does not qualify for a standard license may apply for a Specialty VMC Clinician license, which will allow the licensee to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Minnesota only in the specialty area and only within the scope of employment at the Veterinary Medical Center.

Application form

Temporary Faculty Veterinary Medical Center Clinician License

A practitioner trained in a specialty discipline may apply for temporary licensure for a hard-to-fill faculty position if a graduate from a board-approved foreign veterinary school and ineligible for a standard license.  This license will allow the licensee to practice as faculty at the Veterinary Medical Center under direct supervision of a currently licensed veterinarian, but only in the specialty area of the licensee’s training and only within the scope of employment at the Veterinary Medical Center. The license is valid for two years. A Temporary Faculty VMC Clinician who is enrolled in a PhD program may apply for two two-year extensions. Any other Temporary Faculty VMC Clinician may apply for one two-year extension. The Board will grant an extension if the licensee demonstrates suitable progress toward completing the requirements of the academic program, specialty board certification, or full licensure in Minnesota.

Application form


Application fee - $50

Jurisprudence Exam Fee - $50

Initial License Fee - $200

Temporary Permit Fee - $50

Criminal Background Check Fee - $33.25 (Effective January 1, 2019)

Total: $335.25 or $383.25 (with temporary permit)

After your application is received and approved, the Criminal Background Check department will email you with instructions for completing the Criminal Background Check. After the Board has received your references letters, exam scores, proof of graduation, fee payment, and initial application, we will contact you and make arrangements for you to take the Jurisprudence Exam. In some cases, this exam will be emailed to you, or if you are in the vicinity of the Twin Cities, the exam can be taken at the Board office. 90% is the passing score and there is a two-hour time limit for taking the exam. Once you have completed the Jurisprudence Exam and all your documentation is in order, your file will be presented to the Board for formal license approval. Board meetings are generally held in February, May and September. See the Board meeting schedule here.

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