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Ethical Practice

The Boards Standards of Practice are the Minnesota laws that help ensure competent and ethical social work practice. The Board must have evidence that a licensed social worker has violated the law before the Board can take public corrective or disciplinary action against a licensed social worker. Please click on the Standards of Practice links below to read these laws.
148E.185 Purpose of Compliance Laws
148E.190 Grounds for Action
148E.195 Representations to Clients and Public
148E.200 Competence
148E.205 Impairment
148E.210 Professional and Ethical Conduct
148E.215 Responsibilities to Clients
148E.220 Relationships with Clients, Former Clients, and Others
148E.225 Treatment and Intervention Services
148E.230 Confidentiality and Records
148E.235 Fees and Billing Practices
148E.240 Reporting Requirements
148E.245 Investigative Powers and Procedures
148E.250 Obligation to Cooperate
148E.255 Types of Actions
148E.260 Disciplinary Actions
148E.265 Adversarial But Nondisciplinary Actions
148E.270 Voluntary Actions
148E.275 Unauthorized Practice
148E.280 Use of Titles
148E.285 Reporting Requirements
148E.290 Penalties
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