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Voluntary Termination


You may apply to voluntarily terminate your license if you are:
  • practicing social work in a setting in Minnesota for which licensure is not required under MS 148E.065, or
  • no longer practicing social work in Minnesota and do not want to maintain your license.
  • If you have voluntarily terminated your license, you must not practice or advertise or present yourself as authorized to practice social work in Minnesota, unless you are practicing in an exempt setting under MS 148E.065.
  • In addition, you are prohibited from using the title social worker, or any designation which indicates social work licensure, except as permitted in particular settings under MS 148E.280.
  • The Board may take disciplinary action against a person whose license has been terminated based on conduct occurring before the license is terminated or for practicing social work without a license.

Application Process and Fee

You may apply to voluntarily terminate your license, as an alternative to applying for the renewal of a license or at any time, by completing the required application form. There is no fee for voluntarily terminating your license.

Re-licensing Options

After your license has been terminated voluntarily, you may only become licensed again through one of the following options:
  1. Reactivation of a Voluntarily Terminated License: Within one year of the effective date of voluntary termination or expiration of a license, the following is required:
    • complete an application form specified by the board
    • pay the reactivation of an expired license fee
    • document compliance with the continuing education requirements that were in effect at the time the license expired; and
    • document compliance with the supervision requirements, if applicable, that were in effect at the time the license expired
  2. Reapply for Licensure: If you do not qualify for reactivation, you must reapply for licensure. You may reapply for licensure provided you meet all current requirements in effect at time of reapplication. The following is required:
    • submit the required application form
    • pay the required fees
    • have a baccalaureate or graduate degree in social work from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW), or a similar accreditation body designated by the board
    • satisfy licensure examination requirements (if the license expires/lapses, an examination score is valid for eight years from the examination date); and
    • LICSW applicants must meet the 360 clinical clock hour requirements
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