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Voluntary Termination License Status



You may apply to voluntarily terminate your license if you are not practicing social work in Minnesota, or if you are practicing social work in an exempt setting under Minnesota Statutes section 148E.065, and do not want to maintain your license.
  • If you have voluntarily terminated your license:
    • Practice Prohibited Unless in Exempt Setting: You must not practice or advertise or present yourself as authorized to practice social work in Minnesota, unless you are practicing in an exempt setting under Minnesota Statutes section 148E.065 
    • Representation: You must not use the credentials LSW, LGSW, LISW, or LICSW 
  • Continuing education (CE) requirements and supervised practice (if applicable) for the last license renewal term (when your license was active) must be reported at the time you apply for voluntary termination
  • The Board may take disciplinary action against a person whose license has been terminated based on conduct occurring before the license is terminated or for practicing social work without a license 

Application Process

You may apply to voluntarily terminate your license, as an alternative to applying for the renewal of a license or at any time:

  • Submit application
    • Apply online: Apply and pay using the Board’s online services 
    • Apply by mail: Download the Application for License Renewal and Status Change and submit via mail, email, or fax 
    • Select “Voluntary Termination” as renewal status 
    • No fee for voluntary termination 
  • Report CE hours for last license renewal term

Reactivation or Re-licensing

Reactivating to active status from voluntary termination:

  • A voluntarily terminated license may be reactivated within one year of the effective date of voluntary termination  
  • Go to the Reactivating a License page for complete reactivation requirements

Re-applying for licensure 

  • If you do not reactivate within one year of the effective date of voluntary termination, you must re-apply and meet all current requirements for licensure, including a valid ASWB exam score within eight years of the application date 
  • You may also re-apply for licensure as an alternative to reactivation even if you are within the one-year window 
  • Go to the Apply for a License page for complete information
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