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Temporary Leave


You may apply for a temporary leave license status if you are not practicing social work in any setting in Minnesota, but you may wish to resume practice in the future.
  • While on temporary leave, you may not practice or advertise or present yourself as authorized to practice social work in any setting in Minnesota and must state that your license is inactive.
  • The Board may take disciplinary or corrective action against the license based on violations of law and regulations of the Board.
  • Continuing education (CE) requirements remain in effect while on temporary leave and must be reported when you apply to reactivate your license.

Application Process and Fee

You may apply for temporary leave at the time of license renewal or at any time:

  • Complete online or download the Application for Renewal form and select Temporary Leave as license status.
  • Report CE hours.
  • Pay the one-time temporary leave fee, the same amount as your renewal fee for the entire time allowed for temporary leave, up to four years maximum (it is most economical to apply at the time of license renewal, because you must pay the full temporary leave fee you will not be refunded any of the unused portion of a previously paid renewal fee).


Your license may remain on temporary leave license status for no more than four consecutive years. You may initiate a request to reactivate your license at any time within the four years allowed for temporary leave license status by submitting a written request to the Board. If you do not apply to reactivate your license within 60 days following the end of the four year period, your license will expire automatically.  Visit the Reactivations page for more information.
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