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Renew a License

Your license to practice social work in Minnesota must be renewed every two years by the last day of your birth month. It will be renewed for the first time in your birth month in the second calendar year following the effective date of your license. At the time you renew your license you must document continuing education; supervision, if applicable; and answer ethical standards questions.

Renewal Notification

  • A License Renewal Notice (postcard) will be mailed to your current mailing address on record 45 days before the expiration of your license. It is important to keep your mailing address current.
  • Failure to receive the license renewal notice does not release you from your obligation to renew a license.

Submit Renewal Application and Fee

  • The renewal application and fee must be received by the Board by midnight of the business day on your license expiration date. An incomplete application is void and will be returned to you.
  • Submit your completed renewal application with the required, nonrefundable fee:
  1. Renew online: Online Services
  2. Renew by mail: Downloadable Forms
  3. Request paper forms to be mailed: 612-617-2100 or
Licensure Renewal Fees
License Renewal Fee
Licensed Social Worker (LSW) $81.00
Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) $144.00
Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) $216.00
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) $238.50

Renewal Application Deadlines

You may submit an application for renewal of your license up to 45 days prior to, or 60 days after, your expiration date. However, if you submit your application after the expiration date, a late fee is assessed. If a compete renewal application is not received within 60 days of your expiration/renewal date, the license automatically expires, retroactive to your expiration date.  Expired licenses may be reactivated within one year of the expiration date.  If you fail to reactivate as outlined above, you must meet all requirements for licensure at the time of reapplication; an ASWB exam score is valid for eight years from date taken if the license is expired or voluntarily terminated.  Applicants for reactivation or reapplication following a lapse in licensure, including expiration or voluntary termination, are required to complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check per Minnesota Statutes section 214.075.  Visit the Reactivations page of the Board's website for complete information on reactivating a license.

Late Fee

If your application is received after midnight on the expiration date, a late fee of 1/4 of the renewal fee will be assessed.

Authorization to Practice and Potential Unlicensed Practice

License renewal applications are approved upon receipt of the renewal application and fee.  You are required to submit all required documentation for renewal not included with the renewal application, including, but not limited to, supervised practice, standards of practice, and name change.
If your application is not received by midnight on the expiration date, you are not authorized to practice social work after the expiration date and may be submit to disciplinary action by the Board if you engage in social work practice after this date.
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