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Emeritus Active License for Retired Licensees


Effective July 1, 2015, you may apply for an emeritus active license if you are retired from social work practice and are in compliance with the Boards supervised practice requirements. This license limits the type of practice in which you may engage, and is a two-year renewable license requiring one-half the renewal fee and one-half the number of CE hours at time of renewal.

Limited Authorized Practice

The emeritus active license provides the opportunity for retired licensed social workers to engage in limited practice including only:
1. pro bono or volunteer social work practice or
2. paid social work practice not to exceed 240 hours per calendar year for the exclusive purpose to provide licensing supervision to meet the Boards requirements
  • While on emeritus active license, you must present yourself as only authorized to engage in pro bono or unpaid social work practice, or paid social work practice for the exclusive purpose to provide licensing supervision as noted above.
  • The Board may take disciplinary or corrective action against your license based on violations of applicable law or regulations of the Board.
  • The Board may grant a variance to the requirements if a licensee on emeritus active license provides emergency social work services. A variance is granted only if the Board grants the variance in writing to the licensee. The Board may impose conditions or restrictions on the variance.

Application Process and Fee

You may apply for an emeritus active license, as an alternative to applying for the renewal of a license or at any time, online or by downloading the Application for Renewal form and selecting Emeritus Active as license status. It is most economical to apply at the time of license renewal, because the full emeritus active license fee is assessed and you will not receive a refund of any unused portion of a previously paid renewal fee. The fee for the emeritus active license is one-half the renewal fee.


The emeritus active license must be renewed every two years on your regularly scheduled renewal date. If not renewed, the license will expire. To renew an emeritus active license you must:
  • Complete the application form required by the board
  • Pay the required fee which is one-half the renewal fee for your license type
  • Report one-half, or 20 CE hours, including:
    • 2 CE hours in ethics
    • For the LICSW license, 12 CE hours in clinical content
    • If providing licensing supervision, 3 CE hours in the practice of supervision
    • Independent study hours may be no more than 8 CE hours


You may initiate a written request to reactivate your emeritus active license to active status at any time if the emeritus active license remains current, or within one year of the expiration date of the license, should it expire as a result of not renewing the license.  Visit the Reactivations page for more information.
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