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Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) hours must be completed during the renewal term, and the number of CE hours is reported on the application for license renewal. For new licenses issued, the number of CE hours due at the first renewal is prorated. The number of CE hours required is displayed on your license card. CE providers and programs accepted are not required to be pre-approved by the Board but must meet all requirements.

CE Hours and Content Required

  • All licensees must document 40 CE hours, including 2 in ethics, for a 24-month renewal term.
  • LICSW licensees must document 24 of the 40 CE hours in clinical content.
  • Licensing supervisors must document 6 of the 40 CE hours in the practice of supervision.
  • 15 of the 40 CE hours may be independent study.

Acceptable CE Activities

  • Academic coursework obtained after licensure (1 semester credit = 15 CE hours)
  • Educational workshops or conferences
  • Staff training offered by an employer
  • Independent study
    • Independent study must be for publication, public presentation, or professional development and includes, but is not limited to, electronic study.
    • For licensing supervisors who are required to document 6 CE hours of training in supervision, independent study may include consultation or training regarding supervision with a licensed professional who has demonstrated supervisory skill.

Acceptable Content

  • Contributes to the practice of social work
  • Benefits practicing social workers
  • Promotes the standards of practice
  • Presenter must be qualified in the subject matter
  • Not procedural or oriented toward business practices or self-development

CE Audit at Renewal

If audited, licensees must submit documentation to demonstrate completion of the CE activity. This documentation must be kept for one year following the license expiration date. (For more details, see MS 148E.165)

Pre-Approved CE Providers

Continuing Education FAQs

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