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Provisional License

Qualifications for a Provisional License

A qualified applicant may be issued a Provisional License if they have applied for a permanent license through the examination process and: 1) speak English as a second language, and 2) were born in a foreign country, and 3) have not obtained a passing score on the ASWB national examination, and 4) meet all requirements for licensure.
If the applicant can demonstrate competence through practicing social work under licensing supervision, for 2,000 hours with a valid provisional license, then they may be eligible for a permanent license if the applicants supervisor attests to the applicants ability to practice competently and ethically.
A provisional license expires three years after the effective date. A provisional license is valid until expiration, or until the Board issues or denies a license under section 148D.055, or until the Board revokes the provisional license, whichever comes first. Complete details can be found at Minnesota State Statute 148D.061, Minnesota State Statute 148D.062, Minnesota State Statute 148D.063.
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