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Apply for Temporary License

If you qualify for one of three specific provisions, a temporary license allows you to begin authorized social work practice for a time-limited period, and can typically be issued more quickly than a permanent license. If you will start a social work position in Minnesota before your permanent license is issued, or do not plan to obtain a permanent Minnesota license, apply for a temporary license to avoid unlicensed practice.

There are three temporary licenses under Minnesota Statutes section 148E.060. Temporary licenses are issued as either baccalaureate (if you are applying for permanent LSW and/or have a bachelor’s degree) or masters (if you are applying for permanent LGSW, LISW, or LICSW and/or have a master’s degree). Review temporary licenses and requirements on each tab below to determine if you are eligible.

  1. Students or persons not currently licensed in another jurisdiction
  2. Persons currently licensed in another jurisdiction 
  3. Students graduating from programs in Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) candidacy status
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