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Temporary License

There are four temporary licenses under Minnesota Statutes, Section 148E.060, which allow a qualified candidate to begin authorized social work practice for a time-limited period: 

  1. Students and applicants not licensed to practice social work in any jurisdiction and have applied for a permanent license :  
    • Submitted application for permanent licensure
    • Taken and passed ASWB examination
    • Completed all degree requirements for a social work degree accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) or the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW)
    • Expires at 6 months
    • Attention BSW and MSW Students: Do not apply too soon as a temporary license can only be approved when you complete 1) all degree requirements, and 2) obtain a passing score on required ASWB exam
    • Top Ten Temporary License Tips for Students
  2. Current licensees authorized to practice social work in another jurisdiction and have applied for a permanent license;  OR  current licensees authorized to practice social work in another jurisdiction who have not applied for a permanent license and will provide services in emergency situations in Minnesota, such as relocation to provide disaster relief:
    • Completed all degree requirements for a social work degree accredited by the CSWE or CASSW
    • Currently licensed in another jurisdiction and may or may not be applying for a permanent license.
  3. Students who have completed requirements for a baccalaureate or graduate degree in social work from a program in candidacy status (degree programs working toward CSWE accreditation) and have applied for a permanent license:
    • Submitted application for permanent license
    • Taken and passed ASWB examination
    • Completed all degree requirements for a social work degree program pending accreditation by CSWE or CASSW
  4. Teachers whose permanent residence is outside of the United States, teaching social work in an academic institution in Minnesota for a period not to exceed 12 months:
    • Permanent address outside of the United States
    • Taken and passed ASWB examination
    • Completed requirements for a social work degree
  5. Criminal Background Check:

    • As of November 28, 2017, all applicants for initial licensure must submit to a fingerprint-based criminal background check under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 214.075.  (1) If you have a current application for licensure in process with the Board, and previously submitted the CBC fee and fingerprints, you do not need to complete another fingerprint-based criminal background check.  (2) If you do not hold a current license, including a Temporary License, with the Board, you must submit the required fee and comply with fingerprint based criminal background check requirements.  The Criminal Background Check Program Office will email instructions and forms directly to applicants.

  6. Time Limited Temporary License:

    • A temporary license is time-limited and non-renewable, and expires at either 6 months, or 12 months for teachers and candidacy status, or until issuance or denial of a permanent license, or until revocation of the temporary license, whichever occurs first.

    Authorized Scope of Practice

    • Baccalaureate temporary licenses authorize the practice of social work, but does not authorize clinical social work practice 
    • Graduate temporary licenses authorize both the practice of social work  and clinical social work practice
    • Complete details describing the Board's definition of social work practice and clinical social work practice are found in Minnesota Statutes, Section 148E.010, subdivisions 11 and 6

    Licensing Supervision for Practice Required

    • If not licensed in another jursdication, all baccalaureate and graduate temporary license holders must obtain licensing supervision for any social work practice in Minnesota
    • Licensing supervision must be provided by a social worker appropriately licensed and eligible to provide supervision under the Board's Practice Act
    • Supervision Plan form must be submitted within 60 days after beginning a social work practice position. A Supervision Verification form is required before the permanent license will be granted
    • Supervised practice obtained while the temporary license is effective will apply toward the supervised practice requirement after licensure for the LSW or the LGSW license

    Representation to the Public

    • A licensee with a temporary license must state the license is temporary and is prohibited from using any credentials that imply the licensee has a permanent license

    Temporary License Application

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