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Robin McLeod , Ph.D., LP

Robin McLeod, Ph.D., LP of Woodbury, is a Doctoral Level Licensed Psychologist member. Dr. McLeod earned her master's and doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She is an associate faculty member and teaches in the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at the St. Mary's University of Minnesota and is the Doctoral Level Training Program Representative for the Board of Psychology. She is the Director of Training for the Twin Cities Psychology Training Program, and the President and Chief Business Development Officer for Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions, P.A.  Dr. McLeod is appointed to a four-year term that expires January 1, 2024. Dr. McLeod serves as Board Chair, and is a member of the Administrative Committee, the Rules Committee, and the Complaint Resolution Committee.
Photograph of  Robin  McLeod , Ph.D., LP
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