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General Information about the
Complaint Process


The Board is responsible for regulating the practice of podiatric medicine in the State of Minnesota. The complaint resolution process established for the medical licensing boards under the provisions of MN Statutes, Chapter 214 is a quasi-judicial process similar to that used by a court of law. A person who violates sections 148.621 to 148.633 is guilty of a misdemeanor. 153.17 and 153.19,
When the Board receives a complaint, the first step of the review is to determine whether the alleged misconduct or mistreatment falls within the legal authority of the Board. Minnesota Statutes 153.17 and 153.19 covers practicing without a license and grounds for disciplinary action. When complaints filed with the Board fall within its legal authority, Board staff gathers more information about the complaint with advice, legal counsel and investigative assistance from the Attorney Generals Office. The person against whom the complaint was filed is notified of the complaint, in order to seek their explanation and request applicable medical records for the Complaint Resolution Committee (CRC) review process. The amount of time required to review a complaint depends upon the kind of investigation that is required. When the investigative process is completed, the CRC carefully examines the evidence and makes a decision as to whether or not there is a preponderance of evidence that the conduct constituted a violation of a statute or rule enforced by the Board. Appropriate disciplinary action is taken when it is determined a violation of a statute or rule enforced by the Board has occurred. When it is determined there was no violation of a statute or regulation, the complaint file is closed. The complaint is retained in the Boards non-public file and will be reviewed again should the Board receive additional complaints against the person. All investigation materials are confidential by law. Public Board Actions, that have resulted in disciplinary action taken against a licensee, can be located on the website - click on Board Action tab in the right hand menu.

File a Complaint

Complaints should be submitted on the Boards complaint form. Please click the link to open the form, read the instructions, print the form, complete the form, and return to the Board at 2829 University Ave SE #430, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Contact the Board office if you have additional questions regarding the complaint or disciplinary process.
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