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Approved Programs to Meet Preceptor CE Requirements

The Board has now approved the following CE program as acceptable for meeting the preceptor CE requirement. These programs are available on-line The Board will, from time-to-time, add new programs what will meet the preceptor CE requirements. In addition, the College of Pharmacy usually offers programs for preceptors. A preceptor can also submit a request to the Board for approval of a CE program for preceptor CE cr4edit.  Fill out and submit the CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM APPROVAL FORM FOR PROGRAM ATTENDEES found on the Board's Web site. Indicate on the form that you want the program considered for preceptor CE credit. 

American Pharmacists Association Preceptor Programs

Transitioning in to Leadership as a New Practitioner, Home Study

Advanced Preceptor Training

The Pharmacist's Letter

The Pharmacist's Letter Preceptor Training and Resource Network (subscription required)

The Collaborative Education Institute

The Collaborative Education Institute (the following courses only)

Preceptor Development: Core Modules

HIPAA Privacy Training for Pharmacy Professionals

Legal Implications for Sites and Preceptors

Understanding FERPA: A Guide for Preceptors

Developing and Implementing an Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience

Fostering Interprofessional Educational Opportunities for Your Students

Giving Effective Feedback: Beyond “Great Job”

Helping Your Students Get Ready for Interviews

How to Evaluate a CV

Interprofessional Education/Practice: Preparing Ourselves and Our Students to be “Team-Ready"

It’s a Match: Customizing Your Teaching to Your Student’s Personality and Learning Style

Migraines: Teaching Students Tips to Navigate Treatment

Millennial Students: Teaching a New Generation of Future Pharmacists

Pharmacogenomics: Educating Students on a Novel Approach to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Tailoring Your Teaching - Deliberate Practice in the Classroom

Tailoring Your Teaching - Deliberate Practice in the Clinical Setting

Tailoring Your Teaching to Adult Learning Principles: Optimizing Critical Thinking and Self-Awareness

Teach to Coach - Developing Health Coaching Skills in Students and Residents

Tools to Facilitate Student Success with Your Learning Experience

Topic Discussions to Promote Learner Growth

What is this Wheel? Incorporating the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process into Experiential Rotations

Incorporating Social and Administrative Sciences Topics into Didactic and Experiential Settings

More Heads Are Better Than One: A Primer on Team-Based Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: From Idea to Presentation

Teaching in the Flipped Classroom

Drug Store News

Precepting student pharmacists in the community pharmacy setting: 2016

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