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In May 2019, Governor Walz signed into law several provisions which create an opiate epidemic response advisory council, the opiate product registration fee, and the opiate epidemic response account. Together these laws will assist in development and implementation of a comprehensive and effective statewide effort to address the opioid addiction and overdose epidemic in Minnesota.
The product registration and fee collection program, administered by the Board, will provide funding for various treatment, prevention and recovery programs.
This webpage and associated tabs will provide the needed information for reporting required data and collection of the registration fee.
Required Reporting
Manufacturers and Wholesalers
By March 1 of each year, beginning March 1, 2020, each manufacturer and each wholesaler must report to the board every sale, delivery, or other distribution within or into Minnesota of any opiate that is made to any practitioner, pharmacy, hospital, veterinary hospital, or other person who is permitted to possess controlled substances for administration or dispensing to patients that occurred for the previous calendar year.
Each owner of a pharmacy with at least one location within Minnesota must report to the board any intracompany delivery or distribution into this state of any opiate to the extent that those deliveries and distributions are not reported to the board by a licensed wholesaler owned by, under contract to, or otherwise operating on behalf of the owner of the pharmacy. Reports must be in the format specified by the board, for the previous calendar year, must include the name of the manufacturer or wholesaler from which the pharmacy ultimately purchased the opiate and the amount and date that the purchase occurred.
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