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Technician Registration & Renewal

As of January 1, 2012, any individual registering for the first time as a technician needs to be 18 years of age or older.

Effective January 1, 2013, individuals who register as a pharmacy technician for the first time or who register after letting their registrations lapse for more than 12 months, must be high school graduates or have a general educational development (GED) certificate. The Board is not able to issue an active pharmacy technician registration until the applicant presents the board with evidence of high school graduation or possession of a GED certificate. In addition, those individuals will have 12 months to complete Board approved pharmacy technician training. Additional information about technician training requirements can be found in the Pharmacy_Technician_Training_Guidance_document.

Once you become registered, you are given a registration number that stays with you, even if you work at a different pharmacy. The registration expires on December 31 of each year.

For links to Laws and Rules regarding technician registration and supervision please click on the links below:


Online Application

If you would like to register as a pharmacy technician online, click on the link below and then click on “Licensee/Registrant Services” and then click on “New Licenses/Registrations”.

Printable Application

Please note that the paper form below is only used for new registration of pharmacy technicians.

Online Renewal

If you are attempting to renew your technician registration online, click on the link below and then click on “Licensee/Registrant Services” and then either click on “Login” or “Create New Login”. 
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