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CE Sponsors

Continuing Education Sponsors General Information:

Continuing Education Sponsors who provide CE to Minnesota ODs will now be required to validate the ODs participation by either:

  1. requesting course approval from Council of Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE). The link for COPE is

  2. requesting course approval from the Minnesota Board of Optometry.

For either method of CE approval, the sponsor is responsible to validate the active learning and participation and forward the documentation, electronically to the OE Tracker system, coordinated by the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry, (ARBO).

Minnesota CE Sponsor Request for General Optometric Education:

This should be used for Minnesota only continuing education approval. The CE Sponsor will receive an approval form with specific identifiers to be emailed to OE Tracker with the ODs listed with their OE Tracker number. An excel spread sheet can be attached to the approval form is that is easier for the CE Sponsor.

Minnesota CE Sponsor Request for Experiential Approval:

This form should be used for preapproval of VOSH, Mini-Fellowships, Grand Rounds, lectures or publishing articles or books. Once approved by the MBO, the sponsor will send the documentation to the OE Tracker system via a board approval form.

Easy Steps for Completion:

  1. Print off the appropriate CE Application Form and complete it per the listed instructions.
  2. Board staff will send an approval form listing out the essentials required for OE Tracker.
  3. The CE Sponsor will send the approval form with the listed OD and their OE Tracker number to COPE.


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