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Annual Renewal - Renew your license here

The Minnesota Board of Optometry (MBO issues licenses annually for the year running from January 1, to December 31st. To remain continuously licensed you must meet continuing education requirements and renew your license annually by December 31st. If you are billing for your services as an OD, you must have an active license at all times.

Display of License

The name of the optometrist must be displayed prominently at any office where the Optometrist examines eyes.

Duplicate License for Lost/Destroyed License or Name Change

Any licensee who loses, destroys, damages or just needs a duplicate of their annual license card (or has a name change requiring a new license) may obtain a duplicate license card for a fee of $10.00 each and a notarized statement concerning the disposition of their earlier issued license. For a name change, a copy of the legal document showing pre and post names is required. Order a Duplicate Annual License Card(s) online or print a paper form to be mailed with the fee to the board office.

Licensure Information Furnished To Other States (Current and Past Licensees)

A Minnesota licensee seeking licensure in another state will routinely require MBO furnish the other licensing jurisdiction information regarding their license in Minnesota.  MBO will provide this information, authenticated with the official seal of the board as is usually required by other states, for a $50.00 fee. The MBO has a generic verification form with most required information that other states request, but if the state requires their own form to be completed send the form and $50.00 fee to the board office. Licensees requesting this service can order a official license verification online.

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